PureNice – 100% natural ice-cream

Welcome – PureNice wants to make people happy with healthy ice-cream and wants to create new, ingenious taste sensations.

PureNice just tastes uniquely creamy, is tender-melting and easily digestable. The high quality of PureNice results in an unreachable intensity of taste - „il gelato cremoso“.

The unique milky basis made of 100% natural ingredients guarantees a foolproof production of ice-cream on a high quality level. This is achieved by natural ingredients, a strongly reduced amount of sugar and the possibility to use an ice-cream basis for numerous taste creations by adding a further natural ingredient.

PureNice - 100% natural ice cream

Why PureNice?

It tastes unique and is absolutely cost-efficient!


PureNice will be delivered in a liquid condition. Specially trained staff is not necessary to produce PureNice ice-cream. The ready-to-serve liquid ice-cream base and another ingredient of your choice are poured into the ice-cream machine and after ca. 10 min. it is ready to be served.


PureNice is a ready-to-serve ice-cream base with which investments of pre-production resources and machines as well as time-consuming processes cease to exist. PureNice is non-perishable for a whole year. All these efficient advantages of the product lead to a marginal income of over 500%.


The only ingredients are fresh milk, a natural binding agent, a low amount of sugar and a hint of cream. PureNice is packed without preservatives.


PureNice is healthy and easily digestable, because it is made of natural ingredients and the sugar amount is heavily reduced compared to other common ice-cream.


With PureNice you will experience a uniquely creamy, tender-melting and incomparably intense ice-cream sensation.


PureNice is the only ice-cream which can be produced and served in two ways: as an Italian-style scooping ice-cream or directly from the machine as fresh soft ice-cream.


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